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Why Guardian?

More than 17,000 employees across 25 countries on five continents subscribe to our way of success because it works.

At Guardian...

There are no rigid structures, no pre-established career paths. We'll provide you with the right tools and resources to succeed. All you have to do in return is show us you're self-motivated, ambitious, honest and ethical.

Quick decision-making at the local level is standard, with ideas going from the planning state to implementation far more quickly. This empowers work teams to make a more immediate impact, and allows you to achieve more in your career.

The entrepreneurial spirit encourages employees to open their minds to new and authentic ideas they might not have considered before. Only through free-thinking and the capacity to take calculated risks are the greatest innovations born.

We employ some of the most brilliant, innovative and diverse minds in their fields. This creates opportunities to learn and work side-by-side with some very skilled, very knowledgeable mentors. If your desire is equal to your capacity to grow, success can be yours at Guardian.

You can feel good about working for a company that does not take its position as a global industry-leader lightly. Through the products we manufacture and the processes we employ at our manufacturing plants, Guardian is committed to saving energy and conserving our planet's most precious natural resources. 

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Global Careers
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Whether at home or abroad, Guardian has opportunities around the globe. Please click one of the links below to find regional career postings at Guardian:

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