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Ethics Statement

Doing the right thing

While Guardian has always prided itself on winning through creative, aggressive competition, our active pursuit of success must always be combined with honesty and integrity. Guardian people are expected to deal honestly and ethically with customers, suppliers, governmental bodies, the public, and each other.

Some basic standards of behavior should be apparent from this principle. For example, we do not let our personal interests, or the interests of friends or family, create a conflict in how we do our jobs. We protect company assets and confidential company information and do not use them for our own benefit or the benefit of competitors. We do not falsify records or destroy documents or things that we have reason to believe should not be destroyed. We respect the laws, contracts, and policies that apply to our activities and do not take positions involving them that we cannot fairly justify to others. In short, we do not engage in behavior that we would not be comfortable explaining to our co-workers and families or having reported in the news.

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