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SilverGuard Infrared Reflective Glass

Saving gas by keeping unwanted heat out

Guardian SilverGuard comprises a family of nano-particle thin film coated laminates that provide the highest available levels of solar energy reflection while selectively transmitting visible light. By reflecting the sun's heat, these products achieve heat load reduction far superior to that of solar absorbing glass.

The coatings can be combined with a variety of glass substrates to achieve the full range - from maximum visible transmission and solar reflectivity to privacy-type light transmission combining solar reflectivity with absorbing solutions to achieve extremely low transmission levels.

(IRR windshield absorbs ~3% of solar energy)

Studies done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) show that if every vehicle in the United States converted to an IRR windshield, up to 10 gallons of fuel per vehicle could be saved annually or roughly 2.3 billion gallons nationwide.

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