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Energy Star® Windows is a partnership/program between the U.S. Department of Energy and manufacturers of windows, doors and skylights designed to help consumers identify energy efficient products. www.energystar.gov

The Efficient Windows Collaborative
(EWC) is a coalition of window, door, skylight, component manufacturers, research organizations, federal, state and local agencies, and others interested in expanding the market for high-efficiency fenestration products.  www.efficientwindows.org

The National Fenestration Rating Council
(NFRC) administers a voluntary window rating/labeling program to produce window ratings that can be directly compared due to identical evaluation procedures. www.nfrc.org

IGMA is the trade association representing the interests of the Insulating Glass industry worldwide. The focus is on developing and advancing new technologies in the manufacture of insulating glass units through development of codes and standards, topic industry publications, education, product certification and leading edge research. www.igmaonline.org

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ClimaGuard LamiGlass Series

Add safety, security and comfort

ClimaGuard® LamiGlass® creates a comfortable and protective indoor environment. This product bonds a plastic interlayer between panes of glass to achieve a variety of benefits for homeowners.

Protects homeowners and their belongings

While virtually indistinguishable from monolithic glass of the same thickness, LamiGlass is powerfully resistant to impact. It can provide security from vandalism and deliberate physical attack. However, if it should break, the glass will tend to remain adhered to the plastic interlayer, minimizing the risk of injury from sharp edges and flying or falling glass pieces.

Keeps homes quiet

LamiGlass controls sound, reducing interior noise levels and keeping inside conversations private. It achieves superior sound transmission class (STC) and outdoor-indoor transmission class (OITC) ratings for sound transmission through glass.

Blocks ultraviolet rays

LamiGlass blocks 99.9 percent of harmful UV rays to protect home furnishings and artwork from fading and damage.

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