Improving fuel efficiency and aerodynamic performance from a car’s grille

Products Made Better.

SRG Global has developed Integrille™, an active grille shutter system that combines decorative grille features with fuel efficiency and aerodynamic functionality. “With more than 30 years of experience in the grilles and their attachments,” says Dave Prater, President and CEO of SRG Global, “we believed the time was ripe to take the existing technology to the next level – one that positively impacts consumers’ pocketbooks.”

Available in both fully integrated and semi-integrated versions, Integrille™ provides an estimated 20% weight reduction and a 30% improvement in aerodynamic performance compared to nonintegrated systems. SRG Global is committed to developing innovative new products by combining technology and imagination to meet our customers’ needs.

SRG Global ThermoPlate™ solution earns Innovation Award

Process Made Better.

SRG Global's new ThermoPlate™ product has been recognized as an innovative product by a global automaker.

While the plan is for this product to support our preferred partners beyond automotive, its first application is helping automakers build lighter cars and trucks, so they can achieve better fuel efficiency and handling. The new ThermoPlate technology is an injection molding and chrome-plating process for high-heat and high-strength applications. In automotive applications, the product, which can withstand temperatures of up to 200° C (392° F), reduces the weight of decorative and functional exhaust systems 48 to 57 percent relative to metal.

SRG Global’s expertise in decorative automotive finishes gives the company the ability to combine consumer trends with technological methods of camouflaging the exhaust system to bring harmony to a vehicle’s rear design. All of these were key drivers of the ThermoPlate solution.

The material scientists and chemists at SRG Global developed a process to decorate the molded component with a high-quality plated finish. As a result, the ThermoPlate solution was recently named one of the top 15 new technologies by a global automaker.

“We’re honored to be seen as a trusted global provider of innovative engineering solutions,” says David Dunford, vice president of Innovation, SRG Global. “ThermoPlate’s performance and recognition is a great illustration of being a preferred partner by creating value for our customers and in turn creating virtuous cycles of mutual benefit.”

Guardian works to expand participation in Youth Entrepreneurs®

Communities Made Better.

This fall, Guardian co-hosted a fundraiser for Youth Entrepreneurs® at the Motown Museum in Detroit, during which the organization announced its plans to hold its 2019 summit in the Motor City.

Youth Entrepreneurs®, the experiential education adventure founded by Liz and Charles Koch that equips young people with the values and vision to purse their dreams, is now in its third academic school year in Michigan. During that time, YE has expanded to 10 Detroit-area high schools and is introducing itself to like-minded, Michigan-based corporations and organizations that have pledged their support.

“Guardian is proud to support the great work of Youth Entrepreneurs,” said Ron Vaupel, president and CEO of Guardian Industries and event co-host. “We believe youth in Detroit and around the state of Michigan will benefit tremendously from exposure to and the opportunity to participate in YE, and we are committed to supporting this program.”

Co-host Ethan Davidson, son of former Guardian president and CEO Bill Davidson, shared a similar view: “My father was an entrepreneur who believed in the ability of quality education to provide an equitable distribution of access. I have always believed that the more equitable the distribution of access, the better odds that any given student will be able to succeed."

The Motown Museum event connected YE students and educators with local companies, while also providing the perfect setting for the official announcement of the 2019 Youth Entrepreneurs Summit, to be held in Detroit in July.

“Youth Entrepreneurs is truly about transformation, so it was natural that we would select Detroit for our second national Summit,” said Kylie Stupka, president, Youth Entrepreneurs. “Detroit is the birthplace of many entrepreneurs and innovators who have helped the city overcome many of its challenges.”

The Summit will bring together 300 YE students and alumni, its educators and companies and organizations who, in addition to providing financial support, will work alongside students to brainstorm about solutions to challenges not only facing Detroit, but the entire nation. Guardian
looks forward to participating in this important event for Michigan youth and Michigan business.

Pictured at the Motown Museum event: L-r: Ron Vaupel; YE Detroit alumni Terrell White, Dylan McConnell and Gevon Clemon; Ethan Davidson; and Detroit City Councilman James Tate.

How one employee turned 20 seconds into $200,000.

Process Made Better.

Justin Daggs, an operator at Guardian’s Corsicana, Texas float glass plant, hates to waste time. So, while working on the High Volume Fabrication Line (HVFL), which is used to produce shower doors for North America, Justin analyzed the sequence of the HVFL’s milling and drilling operation and realized there were 20 seconds of wasted time in the process. Eliminating those 20 seconds would reduce the cycle time by 15%.

The equipment manufacturer sent a technician from Germany to confirm the potential cycle time saving and to institute the change.

The 20-second saving per shower door added up to an additional 24 hours of capacity per month and an annual contribution value to the plant’s production of nearly $200,000 per year.

“We are grateful for Justin’s commitment to the Guiding Principles at Guardian Industries and commend him for his creativity and hard work,” said Brandan Culloty, Corsicana Plant Manager.