Improving fuel efficiency and aerodynamic performance from a car’s grille

Products Made Better.

SRG Global has developed Integrille™, an active grille shutter system that combines decorative grille features with fuel efficiency and aerodynamic functionality. “With more than 30 years of experience in the grilles and their attachments,” says Dave Prater, President and CEO of SRG Global, “we believed the time was ripe to take the existing technology to the next level – one that positively impacts consumers’ pocketbooks.”

Available in both fully integrated and semi-integrated versions, Integrille™ provides an estimated 20% weight reduction and a 30% improvement in aerodynamic performance compared to nonintegrated systems. SRG Global is committed to developing innovative new products by combining technology and imagination to meet our customers’ needs.

Middle East Sputter Coater Addition

Service Made Better.

Guardian recently announced it will invest in a new, high-technology glass coater at GulfGuard, the Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia float glass plant.

The new coater uses advanced technology for turning standard float glass into high performance, value-added glass. The coater will allow the plant to produce low-emissivity (low-E), solar control glass for residential and commercial applications. These high performance products dramatically improve a building’s energy efficiency, performance and comfort for its occupants. Guardian operates these advanced coaters throughout the world.

Kevin Baird, President and CEO, Guardian Glass, explains that the decision to add the coater is further demonstration of GulfGuard’s commitment to serving the long-term needs of its customers, in both Saudi Arabia and the GCC, and to invest in those areas where we have a competitive advantage. Guardian has had a strong presence in the Middle East since the GulfGuard plant launched in 1996, and architects and developers in the region are increasingly looking for high-performance glass products.

“The addition of the coater reflects our confidence in this facility,” says Kevin. “We will have the capacity to develop value-added products for the regional quickly and efficiently.”

SRG Global Liria Team Receives Award for Occupational Risk Prevention

Process Made Better.

The SRG Global Liria (Spain) team won a PREVER award for their achievements in occupational risk prevention. Spain's General Council of Industrial Relations and Labor Sciences deliver this prestigious award annually.

PREVER awards are given by peers in coordination with national and regional safety associations. SRG Global won in the category of Companies and Institutions and received this honor at the XIX Technical Conference on Risks Prevention and Social Responsibility at the University of Córdoba.

The Liria team is committed to employee health and occupational risk prevention in many activities, including:

  • A continuous focus on educational and risk prevention activities
  • Loss control awareness program for employees
  • HealthGuard programs, such as stop smoking campaigns, skin cancer prevention and weight loss programs; and its low rate of absenteeism: The plant absenteeism rate for 2017 was 2.15 percent compared to Spain’s national average of 5.01 percent.

“People are Guardian’s most valuable asset,” explains Jose Manuel Sanchez, managing director, Europe & Asia Pacific. “To protect this asset, it’s Guardian’s position that there are no assignments that are so important that we don’t have time to do them safely and consistently with applicable laws and best practices. We’re proud to have taken our commitment to risk prevention to the next level by fully committing to preventive activities and health and wellness programs for our employees.”

SRG Global was chosen among more than 360 national and international entities in the various prize categories.

SRG Global was chosen among more than 360 national and international entities in the various prize categories.

Guardian Donates Glass to Historic Renovation Project in Detroit

Communities Made Better.

When Guardian decided to support an auto industry landmark in the automotive capital of the world, an extended delivery date was not going to deter our participation.

Sometimes it takes a long time to see the results of a truly unique effort. That's certainly the case with a donation of glass that started in 2011 and was just recently completed.

The Ford Piquette Avenue plant was built in 1904 by Ford Motor Company. Several car models, including the famous Model T, were produced in the plant. When Ford moved production to another plant, the Piquette Avenue site was bought and used as a warehouse until it fell into almost total disuse in the 1990s. In 2000, the founders of the Model T Automotive Heritage Complex Inc. purchased the plant to establish a world-class museum and learning center.

There are more than 350 windows in the Ford Piquette Avenue plant, all of which needed critical repair and restoration. A volunteer work crew, appropriately named The Window Team, is rebuilding each window by hand, using Guardian glass, in its own factory on the second floor of the plant. To date, the team has rebuilt 275 window units. Because of the careful craftsmanship required for the replacement windows, Guardian arranged to make a series of glass deliveries over a serveral year period.

"We are very fortunate to be able to work with glass donated by Guardian," says Art Pope, Chair of The Window Team. "They have gone above and beyond anything we expected."

How one employee turned 20 seconds into $200,000.

Process Made Better.

Justin Daggs, an operator at Guardian’s Corsicana, Texas float glass plant, hates to waste time. So, while working on the High Volume Fabrication Line (HVFL), which is used to produce shower doors for North America, Justin analyzed the sequence of the HVFL’s milling and drilling operation and realized there were 20 seconds of wasted time in the process. Eliminating those 20 seconds would reduce the cycle time by 15%.

The equipment manufacturer sent a technician from Germany to confirm the potential cycle time saving and to institute the change.

The 20-second saving per shower door added up to an additional 24 hours of capacity per month and an annual contribution value to the plant’s production of nearly $200,000 per year.

“We are grateful for Justin’s commitment to the Guiding Principles at Guardian Industries and commend him for his creativity and hard work,” said Brandan Culloty, Corsicana Plant Manager.