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Environmental Policy

In pursuit of the triple bottom line

Guardian will operate in a way that protects the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the public.  

Guardian will comply with or exceed all environmental laws and regulations that apply to our activities, and will work to improve environmental performance of our facilities and products.

Guardian and its employees will:

  • Deliver customer and business value while working to conserve resources, including energy, water and raw materials, and to reduce or eliminate waste and the discharge of contaminants. 
  • Apply strong environmental management to assure environmental compliance and continually improve our environmental performance and the sustainability of our business.
  • Develop products that help save energy, reduce pollution and enhance sustainability. 
  • Provide employees with the information, training, resources and encouragement necessary for them to achieve compliance and to contribute to the success of this policy. 
  • Address employee concerns about environmental performance fairly and seriously.
  • Maintain and develop good communication with our local communities, and cooperate proactively with authorities.
  • Perform internal audits to verify and improve our environmental compliance and performance.

Every employee in every job must know and follow this policy: Success in doing so is an important factor in performance evaluations. Managers and employees are responsible and accountable for environmental compliance and performance. The Guardian Central Environmental Department provides assistance and advice to business units and local facilities, audits and monitors the facilities, and reports to facility and senior management. Employees must communicate openly and truthfully with the Environmental Department.

If you have any doubt about whether any actions of our company, or of an employee or contractor, are appropriate under this policy, contact our Environmental Department or Guardian’s General Counsel. If you become aware of any conduct or situation contrary to this policy that is not being corrected promptly, report that conduct or situation to Guardian’s General Counsel or another member of Guardian's Legal Department. No employee will be subject to retaliation or other negative consequences for reporting concerns in good faith, and all reports will be treated confidentially to the maximum extent possible consistent with a proper review.

This policy applies to every business and facility operated by Guardian and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Failure to comply with environmental policy may result in discipline, including termination of employment.


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