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Energy-Efficient/Low-E Glass

Manage solar heat and maintain interior conditions

Low-emissivity (low-E) coatings are microscopically thin metal layers that are deposited on a glass surface to help keep heat on the same side of the glass from which it originated. Guardian has developed a number of low-E coatings to achieve desired results for specific climates and applications, whether commercial, residential or automotive. We can help you achieve the proper balance between capturing and reflecting solar heat.

ClimaGuard® Low-E residential glass gives homeowners the energy saving benefits of low-E glass tailored to their climates and priorities. For example, glass for colder, northern climates would prioritize insulating against heat loss, while inviting welcomed solar heat and light from outside. Glass for warmer, southern locales would insulate against the loss of heating and cooling, selectively transmitting sunlight while reflecting unwanted solar heat.

SunGuard® advanced architectural glass help architects achieve LEED certification, a driving force in today’s commercial market for the environmental and financial benefits it represents. SunGuard products exceed the performance of ordinary low-E glass and expand the options and creative license of architects. Independent studies have shown that over a 10-year period, SunGuard coated glass products can save thousands of dollars in upfront and ongoing energy-related costs for a typical commercial building. Visit for detailed information on the full product line.

Solar management glass/IRR windshields reflect sunlight, significantly reducing the amount of sun absorbed into automotive vehicles. Cooler vehicles rely less on air conditioning and conserve resources.

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