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Make an extraordinary statement

Glass can create amazing and unique interiors as an integral part of the décor and ambience of the home or office. From mirrors and partitions to shower doors and tabletops, Guardian glass adds impact and value to every environment.

CristalGuard® glass protection is the first glass to offer permanent protection against corrosion and discoloration. CristalGuard glass creates a cleanable surface that resists mineral deposits and lasting damage caused by corrosion from hard water.

ShowerGuard® permanent shower protection is the first available glass for shower and bath enclosures specially designed to protect against corrosion and damage from hard water. Easy-to-clean, ShowerGuard preserves the beauty of your shower for a lifetime.

DiamondGuard® high-endurance glass resists scratching and looks like new up to 10 times longer than ordinary glass. Its endurance in the real world redefines what’s possible with glass. DiamondGuard is a smart choice for tabletops, windows and walls—any application vulnerable to everyday contact with keys, coins, silverware and other household hazards.

Berman Glass editions is a series of signature glass textures hand-designed by pioneering glass artist Joel Berman. Each is pressure-formed in volume to fit your budget and timeframe. Exclusively manufactured by Guardian, this series invites architects and designers to transform almost any setting with the look of custom glass.

Standard textures lend privacy and dimension with a wide range of options at an exceptional value.

SatinDeco® acid-etched glass is smooth to the touch and easy on the eyes. Add interest and privacy in the home with SatinDeco windows, dividers, tabletops and more. Three levels of translucence and a wide range of options let designers control what they reveal and conceal.

Mirror adds sharp, beautiful reflectance that amplifies the impact of artwork, sculpture and unique interior architecture. It’s perfect for use in decorative walls, wardrobe doors, washrooms, display cases and more. UltraMirror is backed with a 10-year Limited Warranty—double the industry standard.

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