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Solar Control/High-Performance Glass

Achieve your performance goals with specialized glass

Whether you're looking for a product that has unprecedented solar control to help you achieve LEED points for your building, or to help cool interior spaces on hot summer days, Guardian offers a high-performance glass that’s right for you.

SunGuard® advanced architectural glass help architects achieve LEED certification, a driving force in today’s commercial market for the environmental and financial benefits it represents. SunGuard products exceed the performance of ordinary low-E glass and expand the options and creative license of architects. Independent studies have shown that over a 10-year period, SunGuard coated glass products can save thousands of dollars in upfront and ongoing energy-related costs for a typical commercial building. Visit for detailed information on the full product line.

Solar management glass/IRR windshields reflect sunlight, significantly reducing the amount of sun absorbed into automotive vehicles. Cooler vehicles rely less on air conditioning and conserve resources.

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