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Outstanding performance without condensation

ClimaGuard Dry provides unparalleled performance against the buildup of condensation on your exterior pane of glass, giving you a beautiful view without sacrificing the thermal values and energy savings of today‘s modern windows.

One of the downsides to most thermally efficient windows is that they are more prone to the formation of condensation on the outside pane of glass. But not ours! With ClimaGuard Dry, you can now have the insulating properties you require without sacrificing clarity, making it possible for your windows to perform one of their primary functions—bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home or office.  


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How to get ClimaGuard
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ClimaGuard glass is used in windows, doors and other products made and sold throughout Europe. To get started, .
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For more information about InGlass products in Europe, call us at:


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