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Low-emissivity glass

Comfort and efficiency in all climates

Maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is a challenge when temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, between seasons and across climate zones. With ClimaGuard low-emissivity glass, it is possible to welcome natural light and neutralize the negative effects of sunshine and frosty temperatures.

Energy savings to exceed standards

ClimaGuard low-E glass is formulated to meet specific solar- and energy-control needs in alignment with the most stringent energy codes and guidelines.

Performance tailored to your climate

In cold regions, choosing ClimaGuard residential window glass can significantly reduce heating and energy costs and improve insulating value. In high heat regions, ClimaGuard glass blocks unwanted solar energy, keeping indoor temperatures comfortably cool. In mild climates or seasons, ClimaGuard glass helps maintain a uniform comfort level throughout the house, reducing unwanted heat gain in rooms with harsh exposures.

Broad portfolio low-E window glass

ClimaGuard Premium2
High performance in triple glazing

ClimaGuard Premium T
Energy savings without sacrificing light

ClimaGuard 1.0 
Thermal insulation for double-glazed windows

ClimaGuard Solar
Year-round comfort and energy savings

ClimaGuard nrG T
Minimizes heat loss while welcoming sunshine



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How to get ClimaGuard
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ClimaGuard glass is used in windows, doors and other products made and sold throughout Europe. To get started, contact a Guardian representative.
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