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Making homes more efficient, beautiful, comfortable & safe

Homeowners find their living spaces more beautiful, comfortable, safe and energy efficient with ClimaGuard residential glass. This growing family of products is designed expressly for residential settings. Windows, skylights, entry doors and garage doors can be tailored to suit specific climates, exceed performance expectations and achieve distinctive style.

Clear advantage for window manufacturers

Residential window makers find competitive advantage in ClimaGuard glass and a capable, innovative partner in Guardian. A leading global glass manufacturer, Guardian works with window makers to help create high energy efficient windows that block 99.9 percent of UV rays for superior fade protection, reduce sound transfer, and enhance safety, privacy, beauty and more.

Guardian is at the forefront of innovative residential technologies like vacuum-insulated glass (VIG), advanced coatings including triple-silver and anti-condensation, spacer systems and surface-four coatings.


Choices to focus your performance

ClimaGuard Low-E Series ›
energy management
ClimaGuard LamiGlass › 
security, sound control and UV protection


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How to get ClimaGuard
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ClimaGuard glass is used in windows, doors and other products made and sold throughout Europe. To get started, contact a Guardian representative.
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For more information about InGlass products in Europe, call us at:


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