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EcoGuard CSP/Thermal Series

Boost your power

Guardian EcoGuard concentrating solar solutions offer high performance solar glass and concentrating mirrors with industry-leading reflectivity and outstanding durability in solar and thermal applications around the world.

Our global asset base and integrated manufacturing processes deliver precision products designed to meet the challenges of the solar industry.

With performance, durability and specularity that exceed glass alternates, EcoGuard concentrating solar solutions are ready to boost your solar energy collection.

Broad portfolio and custom options

Our collection of concentrating solar mirrors offers flat and parabolic mirrors in traditional monolithic configurations, as well as laminated assemblies that increase reflectivity and durability—only available from Guardian.

We also offer specialty products, such as EcoGuard Solar Boost HT for temperature resistance up to 400°C, and custom shapes available for unique project needs.

EcoGuard Solar Boost CFM
concentrating flat monolithic mirrors
EcoGuard Solar Boost CFL
concentrating flat laminated mirrors
EcoGuard Solar Boost MP
monolithic parabolic concentrating mirrors
EcoGuard Solar Boost LP
laminated parabolic concentrating mirrors
EcoGuard Solar Boost HT
high-temperature concentrating mirrors


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How to get EcoGuard
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Guardian EcoGuard is used in solar and thermal applications around the world. to learn how we can help you maximize your solution.
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For more information about EcoGuard products in Europe, call us at:


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