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Power through glass

Converting the sun’s energy into electricity is powerful work. Guardian helps make it more efficient too.

Elevating energy system performance

Our EcoGuard products for solar and thermal applications are designed and proven to raise energy system performance.

Solutions tailored to your project

Using glass, mirrors and specialized coatings, we can tailor a solution to meet unique energy needs, whether concentrating solar power, employing photovoltaics or capturing the sun’s energy for a greenhouse.

Count on Guardian

Guardian is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of float glass and glass coatings. Our team of experts has a proven track record in helping optimize customers’ energy costs and providing responsive, knowledgeable customer service.

Guardian has a global asset base, with manufacturing and distribution capabilities all over the world. And our Science & Technology Center is one of the best in the industry, leading a tradition of glass innovation.

Solar glass solutions

Photovoltaic glass solutions
A wide range of customizable glass to improve PV module performance


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How to get EcoGuard
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Guardian EcoGuard is used in solar and thermal applications around the world. Contact a Guardian representative to learn how we can help you maximize your solution.
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For more information about EcoGuard products in Europe, call us at:


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