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Permanent protection against corrosion

CristalGuard creates a smooth, cleanable glass surface that protects shower enclosures, balustrades, backsplashes and other glass applications that may come in contact with water. This permanent coating resists stains caused by hard water, heat, humidity and cleaning products, preserving the original beauty of the glass.

Fights corrosion before it starts

Ordinary glass is prone to damage and aging from exposure to hard water, soap, humidity and more. But CristalGuard glass is permanently sealed with Guardian technology to prevent corrosion before it starts. A permanent coating, CristalGuard doesn’t need to be replenished or reapplied. CristalGuard resists chemical corrosion and reduces spots, residues, stains and scale build-up—for years to come.  

Backed by a 10-year warranty

One of the best warranties in the industry, CristalGuard is covered by a 10-year limited consumer warranty.

CristalGuard Clear 
Beautifully clear for a lifetime

CristalGuard SatinDeco
Acid-etched glass for privacy

CristalGuard UltraClear™ 
For pristine clarity that lasts

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