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Build with light

SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass from Guardian helps architects create striking building designs using natural light and color—while significantly reducing energy costs. SunGuard low-emissivity coated glass is specifically designed for a wide variety of commercial applications, including office buildings, high-rise apartments, schools, hospitals, libraries, government buildings, arenas and more. We can help architects and designers with glass solutions that meet local performance needs and realize their vision.

Green building advantage

Contemporary architecture is notable for generous use of glass. Homes and offices, flooded with natural light, play an important role in our quality of life. Guardian SunGuard products welcome abundant natural light, while controlling unwanted solar heat gain.

The SunGuard portfolio offers some of the highest performing low-e products, offering unprecedented solar control and tremendous energy savings while meeting energy regulation requirements.

A wide array of solar control products to suit any climate

eXtra Selective
State of the art solar protection
High selective solar protection on neutral looking glass
High Performance
All season solar protection and thermal insulation
The modern standard in solar protection
High Durable
Advancing durability, solar protection goes tough

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How to get SunGuard
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SunGuard products are available throughout Europe through an extensive network of SunGuard processors. Contact a Guardian representative to get started.
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For more information about SunGuard products in Europe, call us at:


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