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Advanced performance and dependable quality

Ideal for commercial refrigeration, lighting products, electronics and more, our value-added solutions deliver advanced performance with the dependability of Guardian quality, service and global infrastructure.

Technical glass components are engineered with flawless clarity, custom coatings and special treatments to maximize their optical, thermal and structural properties. Guardian glass experts can work with you to meet exacting specifications, supporting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers.


Keep food and beverages cool and in sight while saving energy costs too
Design optimal viewing for sports, roadways, industry, architecture, landscaping, medical and more.
Transform the user experience with anti-reflective displays and high-quality imaging.

Put our extensive investment in research and innovation to work for you

Research scientists at the Guardian Science & Technology Center continually pursue advancements in glass fabrication, coatings and treatments—giving you innovative solutions to improve results and differentiate your products. Patented microbe-fighting and anti-reflective properties, high insulating values and humidity resistance make Guardian technical glass the clear choice.

Count on Guardian

Guardian is committed to innovation, precision and you. We partner to develop custom solutions with industry innovators. Guardian technical glass components are designed to your most rigorous specifications and manufactured with stringent quality controls.

Guardian offers global supply chain management, value-driven research and development, and just-in-time procurement—all to provide your company with high-quality technical glass components that easily integrate into your high demand manufacturing systems, exactly when and where you need them. Guardian can work with you from conception to component to finished product.

Partners appreciate our global expertise, breadth of technical capabilities, financial stability, investments in innovation and commitment to environmental sustainability.

Contact us for a custom solution. Our engineers are skilled collaborators, ready to innovate with you.


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How to get Technical Glass
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Guardian engineers are skilled collaborators, ready to innovate with you.  to learn more about developing a custom solution.
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For more information, contact our technical glass team by phone:


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