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For more information about Custom Fabricated glass products in North America:

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Custom Fabricated Glass

If it includes glass, Guardian can probably do it

Guardian has built its reputation as an expert on glass - all kinds of glass.  When you need glass for a specialized application or a custom size, we can help you find what you need.

Insulating Glass - Stand by a basic window in the middle of winter and you can feel the cold penetrate the glass. Similarly, you cannot escape the heat from the summer sun. This is because a single pane of glass alone has minimal insulating value. But put two panes of glass together, separated by a sealed air space and you dramatically improve the thermal performance of a window, keeping heat in during the winter months and out during the summer.

Custom Fabrication - When you need more than standard glass - special cutting or edging or the like, look no further than Guardian's custom fabrication services, which include machine ground and polished edge work, drilling and countersinking, notching, V-grooving, beveling, sandblasting and pattern cutting.

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