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Control the heat, stay comfortable

Insulating glass units improve the thermal performance of glazing by providing a thermal break – two lites of glass separated by a sealed air space. These key properties enable insulating glass to meet two very different requirements—keeping heat in during winter and keeping heat out during summer.

Guardian provides this product through our fabricating facilities in the United States and Canada.


  • Saves on heating and cooling by reducing air-to-air heat transfer. 
  • Increases personal comfort and aids in energy conservation. 
  • Reduces sound transmission. 
  • Increases strength to withstand wind loads.


  • Suitable for commercial and residential glazing. In dual-seal insulating glass units the primary seal is polyisobutylene (butyl). The secondary seal is polysulfide or silicone. 
  • For all structural glazing applications a secondary seal of silicone must be specified.


  • Polysulfide and silicone are available for conventional glazing. Only silicone is available for structural glazing. 
  • Combinations vary and may use clear, tinted, ceramic decorated or high-performance glass in annealed, heat-strengthened or laminated form. Low-E is available on the #2 or #3 surface of an insulating glass unit. 
  • Standard thicknesses range from 11 mm (7/16") to 25 mm (1") for commercial and residential use and a maximum thickness of 33 mm (1-5/16") in sloped-glazing applications. Other glass thicknesses may be available on request. 
  • Aluminum spacers are bent or mechanically joined at the corners.




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