Iris Gracia

Product Development & Lighting Engineer - SRG Global

“Balance your personal and professional life to improve your outcomes.”

Iris is from a town called Sagunto, near Valencia, in Spain. She grew up cultivating a love of sport and science. Hiking and swimming whenever she could, always finding time for activity. Academically, she thoroughly enjoyed science, she says “Science was my thing. From a young age, I knew my job was going to be related to science in some way.” Iris went on to study Industrial Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, and she wrote her final degree project in Berlin, Germany. After completing this degree, she went on to obtain a master’s degree in Project Management.

Developing as an engineer

Iris began her work career as a process engineer for an automotive company, working in Martorell, near Barcelona. After several months however, she moved to Germany to begin work as a development engineer for another automotive company, where she worked extensively with engine components. Finally, she spent four years working as a headlamp development engineer, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Acquiring all this experience led her to her current position with SRG Global in Liria.

Iris says, “I started in summer 2018 at SRG Global, where my role was initially 100% product engineer. My current role is more like 50% product engineer and 50% lighting engineer. I like the variety that’s involved in my work here.” She enjoys developing new products, while the new aspect of her role as a lighting engineer is a challenge that she enjoys facing. Iris noted that her favourite thing about working at SRG Global is the flexibility. Having the opportunity to work with different capabilities worldwide can be very refreshing.

A dynamic atmosphere

The Principle of Knowledge really resonates with Iris. She explained that “In engineering we have a well-considered knowledge exchange between team members. We use the system and have regular meetings. These strong and useful information exchange channels make communication seem effortless for us.”
Iris recommends people to apply to work at SRG Global because of the dynamic atmosphere. “There are always new opportunities in different places, it allows you to develop your career by maximizing your best skills.”